Broadband Low Noise Amplifier, 0.1-18GHz


Broadband Low Noise Amplifier, 0.1-18GHz, 25dBm output power.

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The Echelon Microwave EM18G3325BLA module is a broadband low noise amplifier with two stages and is based on
GaAs pHEMT MMIC technology. It operates over a wide frequency range of 100MHz to 18.0GHz and provides a small
signal gain of 33dB, along with a power output of 25dBm at 10GHz. This amplifier is characterized by its excellent gain
flatness and good VSWR at the input and output, and it requires only a single posi􀆟ve DC power supply. Addi􀆟onally,
the amplifier features a built-in DC voltage regulator that enables it to operate effectively over a range of DC supply
voltages without affecting its RF performances.

Data Sheet EM18G3325ABL.pdf Rev B


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